Live Strong Cancer Bracelets and Wrist Bands Reflect the Giving Character of Americans



When you decide to buy a yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet or  wristband it's not only a gift to those with cancer but an inspiration to others!



  Armstrong Bracelets

Lance Armstrong Yellow Live Strong Cancer Bracelets and Wristbands

Live Strong Bracelets This article will inspire you with the vision I have on my wall at home, a giant poster of Lance Armstrong thundering to his second victory in the Tour De France. I regularly look at this picture for inspiration and motivation when things are not going as well as I would like.

Lance Armstrong Bracelets  Do you believe in miracles?  Perhaps part of the success of the Lance Armstrong bracelet is proof that where Lance is involved, miracles do happen!

LiveStrong Bracelets This article will inspire you with the livestrong credo that reflect the strength and determination that Lance Armstrong is famous for.

Yellow Rubber and Silicone Bracelets are
Fund-Raising Miracles

Rubber Bracelet  (Part I) Do you want to raise funds for your favorite charity?  There's no doubt that rubber bracelets can be a very successful fundraising tool.  They have been used by diverse groups including diabetes, breast cancer and the Lance Armstrong yellow cancer bracelets.  This article will explain the basics of designing your rubber bracelet.

Silicone Bracelet (Part II) Now that you have your exciting looking silicone rubber bracelets, it's time to start the Public Relations machine to get local and even global press coverage for your project. This article covers some tips on how to do this.

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