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The Benefit
of Drinking Water

Water.... Sure, it’s a fundamental part of human existence and life on earth. And it has been here with us since time immemorial. Well....what's the big benefit of drinking water?

It seems like there’s been a Renaissance in interest in the benefit of drinking water all of a sudden, as if it had been in hibernation and has re-emerged to become the latest trend.

What are the benefits of
drinking water

Well, the first benefit of drinking water is that we need it because it makes up 90% of what constitutes our bodies. We’d be dust without it!  But obvious facts aside, why should you run down to your local water store to look for a 50-ounce bottle of spring fed “designer” mineral water? I mean, c’mon, there’s water from the tap, right?

Well, did you know that most tap water is full of chlorine or bromine, both of which have been associated with various illnesses, including heart disease?  Not to mention public water suppllies contain other things like pesticides, herbicides, and minerals like mercury.  Maybe bottled water is like health insurance.

One of the most obvious benefits of drinking water is that it combats fatigue. And what are some of the causes of fatigue? An overabundance of waste in our systems can lead to inertia and tiredness. Water, the cure-all, flushes all those wastes and toxins right out of our bodies.

Water is a good beverage for diabetics rather than fruit juice or soda.  Often, diabetes causes kidney problems and drinking pure water can help rinse the excess toxins out of your kidneys.  Of course a diabetic diet also helps.

Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Yet another benefit of drinking water is that it can help you to lose weight.  If you drink water every time you're hungry instead of eating, it can often substitute for high calorie food!

Water helps to keep you properly hydrated and combats crankiness and anxiety. Perhaps you’ve noticed that most beverages don’t really quench your thirst, they just satisfy the urge to have a taste in your mouth.

Lots of Choices in Flavor Available

Well, the funny thing about drinking water is that people are finally waking up to the fact that it does have a taste. Thus, the astonishing array of designer spring waters in the supermarket beverage section hailing from the U.S., France, Iceland, Canada, Italy and even Fiji!

Now you can get the fun of drinking water in upscale designer flavors. All of the brands claim that their source is the purest and most free of the contaminants that are found in most public water supplies.

So, in the end, it really is about taste. Public tap water tastes like chlorine. Yuck! And of course, studies are now showing that drinking chlorine every day in your water is definitely not healthy.

I know that there must be some benefits to drinking water because now my boyfriend is drinking it all the time instead of juice or soda pop....Which is great, because there’s always a steady supply of my favorite water at his house now.

And we both feel more vital, have enhanced metabolic functions and we have lots more love to share because of the rejuvenating benefit of drinking water!

By Renee O'Donnell

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