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Wrist Band, We Can Make a Difference!

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 Breast Cancer Wrist Bands

On any wrist, the color of this bracelet stands out in a marvelous bubble gum pink color raising funds to help save lives.


  Breast Cancer Wristband

by Miguel Aghoro

Extra! Extra! Breast Cancer Wrist Bands
Save Lives!

Trends: At best they can be impressive and entertaining, at worst pointless and wasteful. But as of late, there is a different type of trend sweeping across the US. People everywhere are buying the breast cancer wristband that raises awareness and money for the fight against cancer. We don’t have “the cure” yet, but we are developing more and more clever ways to raise money and awareness toward achieving that end.

It is one of the best new fundraisers for breast cancer.  It's most likely the one you’ll see everywhere. It really stands out in marvelous bubble gum pink, and next to the yellow bracelet, it is the other most high profile color of all the cancer bracelets. It is Pink because it is simply the most appropriate color for a wristband symbolizing feminine strength.

The breast cancer wristband is more than a means to raise money and awareness, it is an emblem of caring––and we as human beings are lucky to have such a splendid adornment that is so economical that kids can afford to buy them too. And they do, by the dozens! It’s only a few dollars, and if you get all of your friends to buy one, you’ll actually be doing something of brilliant value.

Ten people, ten dollars for charity, twenty people, twenty dollars etc., and on and upward it goes. But make sure you are buying your breast cancer wristband from a dealer that donates some of the profits to a breast cancer research organization—or you can re-sell them and donate the money yourself! 

Breast Cancer is a difficult, often scary reality for women, taking thousands of lives every year. Conversely, the wristbands are ingeniously simple.

Just think it over for a moment: cancer feels senseless, and when it strikes we strive to make sense of it. But often we feel powerless to do anything. However, with these wrist bands we CAN make a difference.

This little, seemingly innocuous thing, a small pink breast cancer wristband is a wedge of possibility into the answer; the small cog in the wheel of change that makes a difference! Any prospect that can make that happen, to manifest the means to fund breast cancer research, is something to get hold of––especially when it’s so user-friendly! It truly is a no-brainer, so why would anyone shy away from the possibility to help?

YOU can make a difference.


This is more than a trend, this a giant wave racing towards the future in the guise of a pink wristband and hopefully it will come crashing down soon, washing away this unfortunate disease called cancer that has held us in it’s fearful grip for so long.

Help for the scourge of breast cancer has arrived in the simple form of a cute pink wristband ! Buy one or twenty and tell everyone you know!!

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      Miguel Aghoro - is a writer and eyewear expert.  

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