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Bracelet is a Symbol of Triumph Over Adversity


 Breast Cancer Bracelets 

Today you can buy and wear a pink breast cancer bracelet to let the world know you are proud of your strength, intelligence and willingness to face challenges!






























Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets
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 Breast Cancer Bracelets

By Renee O'Donnell

Sometimes a symbol can really perk us up--and sometimes, we like to show the world the solidarity that we share with each other as women. For example, I bought a pink breast cancer bracelet because two women in my life have struggled with this disease, and one of them has triumphed.  So, I feel moved to show that I care, and that I remember.

One of the women who battled breast cancer, I never met - my grandmother. If only she had a symbol like the pink breast cancer bracelet back when she had the illness, it might have made all the difference. Perhaps she could have worn a breast cancer bracelet to help her talk to other people about what she was going through. 

In the 1940's Symbols Like the Pink Breast Cancer Bracelet Were Not Yet Invented

My grandmother was in the public eye as a fairly liberated woman with her own radio show in the 1940ís.  Later she was the city attorney for Sunnyvale, California. Just after her career got rolling, she contracted breast cancer and at the young age of 40, she died.

But even though she was bold enough to carve her own path in many ways, the challenge she faced was that there was little breast cancer awareness and people weren't comfortable talking about such a "personal issue".  If only my grandmother had a chance to wear a pink breast cancer bracelet or even a breast cancer ribbon or pin!

A Dream about Breast Cancer Changed My Aunt's Life

The other woman in my life to get breast cancer was my Aunt Mary. One day Mary dreamed that my grandmother was telling her to have a breast exam! So she went to the doctor and he found a malignant lump. It was removed using a newer less invasive procedure called a lumpectomy. Mary boldly chose not to have chemo and openly discussed breast cancer awareness with family and friends.

Pink breast cancer bracelets still were not available to give Mary a symbol to get attention for her condition. But that did not stop her from drastically changing her diet to raw fruits, vegetables and very little meat or other protein. She cut out sugar, quit smoking and began running 5 miles a day.  She also went to a breast cancer awareness support group. This worked for seven years but eventually her vigilance declined and she exercised less and less while working at a very stressful job.

Showing Solidarity with Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets

During a routine doctors visit, a new lump was discovered in Mary's other breast.  It was cancer again!  Mary had her other breast removed then had reconstructive surgery on both breasts. She went back to her diet and exercise routine. Again, she took complete charge of her health, bought and wore a pink breast cancer braclet, and is a proud breast cancer survivor today!

No Longer Silent, We Can Proudly Wear Our
Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets

Today we can proudly buy and wear breast cancer braclets to let the world know that we will not hide our strength, intelligence and challenges. 

I purchased my breast cancer awareness bracelet on the Internet.  Many dealers sell them on eBay, but you can also buy a pink bracelet at Target and at cosmetics counters in most major department stores.

Buy a pink breast cancer bracelet to show your support for the courageous women facing this disease and for those who have fought and are winning like my aunt Mary.

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