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Diabetes Diet  


Diabetes Cure, 7 Tips for Controlling Diabetes Symptoms*

What do we mean by a diabetes cure (*See note at bottom of page)?  It is possible at most stages of diabetes type 2 (not diabetes type 1) to control your blood sugar without medication.  It is also possible for you to remain in excellent health with normal blood glucose levels. 

The following 7 steps to a diabetes cure that can control your diabetic symptoms, can help you to understand and take action on the important things that will build your health.  They may get you off of medications and the serious consequences of wide variations in your blood sugar readings.

There are 7 parts to the diabetes cure - including:

  1. If you are diabetic, you must exercise every day to help control your blood sugar levels and to help prevent heart disease

  2. A healthy Diabetic diet can keep blood sugar levels down

  3. If you are overweight, it is very important to stay on a diet for Weight loss for diabetes

  4. Diabetes Vitamin and mineral supplements can help to control symptoms and blood sugar levels

  5. Preventing diabetes by giving up smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

  6. Resistance to Changing habits

  7. Breaking bad  habits

The diabetes cure involves major changes in your lifestyle.  Before changing your diet, medication or exercise programs be sure to consult with your physician or an expert in these areas to determine which of the suggestions in these articles is appropriate for you.  Here is a true story about a 75 year old who lost weight and controlled his blood sugar without medication.

Many people have used these diabetes cure concepts to control their diabetes symptoms.  If you feel that your physician does not understand alternative approaches to treating diabetes, here are some resources for finding an M.D. or naturopathic doctor who understands these newer treatments.

By following these steps to a diabetes cure, you may avoid the really serious consequences of diabetes which include stroke, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease and nerve damage.

Because continued high blood glucose levels cause damage to your arteries, circulation in the extremities is often impaired and can result in amputation of feet and legs.  Using the diabetes cure tips to a healthy lifestyle can help you to avoid the serious consequences of this disease.

*NOTE - By a diabetes cure we are referring to the fact that many studies have shown that by following the information in these steps you may, with your doctor’s approval, be able to discontinue taking medication for your diabetes because your blood sugar remains within the normal range. Never discontinue your medication without your doctor's approval.

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