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New Diabetes Research Uncovers the Fact that High Blood Sugar Levels Contribute to Gum Disease

Diabetes research has found an often-overlooked complication of diabetes is gum disease and infections of the mouth. Unfortunately, a high blood sugar level impairs your immune system and makes it much more difficult for your body to ward off bacteria and viruses that can cause oral diseases.

This diabetes research has found that the best way to combat this problem is to get the diabetes symptom of high blood sugar under control.  You can also take extra antioxidant supplements such as bioflavonoids, grape seed extract and vitamin C along with flossing and brushing your teeth daily.

It may also help to eat fruits high in the antioxidant called anthocyanin such as berries (blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, currants) according to this diabetes research. You can get lots of antioxidant bioflavonoids from fresh citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruit (include the white part inside the skin which is very rich in these useful antioxidants).

Diabetes Research finds some foods are more satisfying and some stimulate cravings

A research study done in Australia at the University of Sydney found that when people were given various individual foods containing an equal number of calories, some foods were more satisfying/filling than others. The most filling foods were those such as apples, oatmeal, oranges, pasta and potatoes. These foods are very high in carbohydrates and fiber but low in fat. Diabetes research shows that weight loss helps control symptoms of diabetes, so controlling food cravings is important.

When the participants were fed high carbohydrate, high fat foods such as peanuts, chocolate and croissants, they found these foods to be the least filling. In fact, these foods often stimulated cravings for more food. Low glycemic index foods tend to be the most filling foods of all.

Diabetes Research Shows that Eating High Fat Fish Helps Control Blood Glucose

You've probably read about the diabetes research showing that the unique fatty acids found in fish such as salmon (wild, not farmed), sardines and mackerel help to control diabetes symptoms.  Recent headlines in newspapers and magazines have pointed out the dangers of mercury contamination in most of the fish we eat. Luckily, there are a few fish that are safe and quite healthy for people with diabetes, such as wild salmon (not farmed, which is full of pesticides and hormones), sardines, Hawaiian fish, squid and anchovies.

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