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How to Turn All Your Recipes into Diabetic Recipes

Did you know there are some fairly simple things you can change in many of your current recipes to make them safe and healthy diabetic recipes?  Starting with the basic ingredients, this article will cover the often easy changes that will allow you to enjoy delicious foods that are diabetic healthy!

Choose Low Glycemic Index Foods

If you have diabetes or are worried about getting it, it’s important to adjust the recipes you use to turn them into diabetic recipes.  Many recipes can be adjusted to remove foods that have a high glycemic index or that might contribute to heart disease.  In particular, foods such as potatoes, corn, refined white flour products (pasta, noodles, pastries, cakes), refined rice and corn meal should be reduced or avoided completely in diabetic recipes. 

In your diabetic recipies, you want to use low glycemic foods such as most vegetables, some low glycemic fruit, nuts, fish, low fat meats and non-fat dairy products. 

Stay Away from Fatty Foods

Certain types of fat are particularly unhealthy for the diabetic including hydrogenated oils or solid fats (trans fats) which have actually been associated with the development of diabetes.  Animal fats such as meat fat, butter, full fat cheeses and other dairy products have also been associated with the development of diabetes and should be reduced.  Choose low fat or non-fat products instead.  Avoid ice cream.

Instead of frying your food, try sautéing it in a little water.  This does not change the flavor much, but makes a difference in the total fat in your recipe.

The major change to recipes to make them a diabetic recipes is to remove any fat except olive oil, to remove all sugar and use sugar substitutes, to add fiber, and use lots of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables (all preferably raw).  Now of course you’ve heard all of this before and maybe it’s boring but if you want to keep yourself or your diabetic relative/partner healthy, then these are the basics.

Why eat fish for diabetes?

Fish, in particular, are a very healthy food for the diabetic because of the high percentage of DHA and EPA fatty acids found in them.  Wild caught salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines are best.  These fish, when eaten a couple of times per week help to prevent heart disease and prostate cancer. 

A recent study done in Japan showed that people whose main protein food is fish live much longer than those on other diets and have a very low rate of heart disease.

Best Foods for Diabetics

Beans and other legumes, such as lentils are excellent foods for diabetic receipes.  Add some vegetables and you’ll have a great vegetarian chili (see vegetarian chili recipe for diabetics).  For protein, you can add tofu when cooking or a bit of low fat cheese when you serve it.

Some examples of the kinds of vegetables to include in diabetic recipes are chard, kale, spinach, lettuce (especially romaine), celery, cucumber, artichokes, green beans, asparagus and most vegetables.  Salads are very healthful; use olive oil in the dressing with lemon or vinegar and any herbs or spices that you like. 

Making these simple changes to your old recipes will help you to convert all of them to healthy diabetic recipes!

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