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Is Lance Armstrong a Miracle Worker?


When you really consider the success of the yellow Lance Armstrong Bracelet, it's proof that where Lance is involved, miracles do happen!


 Lance Armstrong Bracelet

by Miguel Aghoro

Lance Armstrong wins again wearing yellow. This time he’s not winning the Tour De France. He’s winning with the yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet you are seeing everywhere.

Easily the most attractive in color and concept, the Lance Armstrong bracelet, with the motto Live Strong, supports the battle against cancer and it’s an explosive success! Why? Two words: Lance Armstrong -Everyone loves a winner, or better yet, a survivor.

The Lance Armstrong bracelet symbolizes an awesome victory and the thought that we can believe in miracles. Lance holds the same beliefs as Sir Winston Churchill who famously stated, “We will never surrender”. Lance didn’t either and now he is a hero to all of us.

But he’s more, he’s the champion’s champion, the survivors survivor; and when you throw a yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet on your wrist you are too!

Ah yes, the words “the few and the proud” may refer to the marines, but those yellow bracelets are for the many and the proud - survivors who will heal and win! The Lance Armstrong bracelet is one of the most inspiring, creative and awesome ideas to help raise money for cancer ever invented.

So simple, so elegant and loaded with meaning; Lance Armstrong bracelets are like a positive antidote, an inspiration virus that replicates itself, spreading everywhere as a golden ray of hope.

All of those other cancer bracelets out there are certainly awesome, but c’mon with the Lance Armstrong bracelet we have that extra special something that makes you feel amazingly positive and inspired. You get to be on the ultimate winning team!

Kids love Lance Armstrong livestrong bracelets! Today, young people are completely fired up and positive about these yellow bracelets. It just goes to show how deeply young people want to help when given the opportunity to do something of value.

The Lance Armstrong bracelet is a miraculous force sweeping across the planet and it all started with this cyclist named Lance who overcame a lethal form of cancer and went on to win the Tour de France, count it: six staggering, amazing times.

Lance Armstrong’s cause is the best around bringing in tons of money and political resources to win the fight against cancer. We all get to share the sense of admiration, exuberance and abundant enthusiasm for such an great cause, and it’s so easy! All you have to do is spend the buck and share it with your friends. Lance Armstrong braclets are, like Lance Armstrong himself, making history and we all get to be a part of it!

In most sporting events time slows the star athlete down, but even though Lance was slowed down in the beginning by illness once his fighting spirit was aroused, he now just keeps getting better and better. That is why, of course, so many of us have gravitated towards the Lance Armstrong bracelet. It doesn’t just speak to us heart and soul, it shouts out complete victory and ultimate achievement. It says “yes, I believe in miracles and I believe in survivors.” It is proof right there on our wrists for all to see.

So I think you get my message and if you do, put on your yellow Lance Armstrong live strong bracelet then go out and share the inspiration!

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