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Live Strong Bracelet 

A Live Strong Bracelet is like wearing a vision; an epiphany on your wrist. It is a victory lap en masse.


 Live Strong Bracelet

by Miguel Aghoro

Live Strong Bracelet: Seeing Yellow, Spreading like Wildfire

Why is the Lance Armstrong Live Strong bracelet spreading like wildfire? Recently, my young daughter and all her friends have started wearing these yellow rubber bracelets. It seems that everyone is wearing one!

The answer? Two words: Itís simple and ingenious. Inspired by the Nike bands worn by basketball stars and Lance Armstrong's record six Tour de France victories, the Live Strong Bracelet is everywhere, because people look up to Lance Armstrong. And for a only a buck, we can raise millions of dollars to battle cancer and have something symbolic and stylish to show for it.

The Live Strong bracelet is a fad, it's a movement, it's a remarkable phenomenon!

The Bright yellow Live Strong Bracelet is an inspiring symbol of victory over and against incredible odds.

Besides being the color of the Maillot jaune, the yellow jersey worn by the Tour de France winner (so often worn by Armstrong): Live Strong bracelets represent power and strength manifesting under the most adverse circumstances. Specifically, the overcoming of cancer, which miraculously occurred for Armstrong, as well as seeing him powerfully pushing his bicycle through the most arduous and steep mountains to victory during the grueling Tour De France again and again and again.

Again and again -you will see the live strong bracelet everywhere. These live strong bracelets have a visibility that is a sign and testament to fearlessness, empathy and service to those in need.

Live strong bracelets say, "We are not afraid of you Cancer, you cruel thief of life. We will not hide, we shall not be driven underground; on the contrary, like the golden sun at dawn we will rise and overcome your darkness."

It sounds a bit sentimental, but the concept of the Live Strong braclet hits me in the gut. Lance Armstrong has climbed those mountains, again and again so we don't have to.

Isn't it beautiful? Why not buy five live strong braclets and give them out to your friends? Heck, buy twenty! Since when has twenty dollars been too much of a sum to give to the battle against cancer. Think of it; A million people, a million dollars.

I've seen cancer in action, It has taken my father too early and like Lance I wish he was still here, with a new lease on life. A Lance Armstrong  Live Strong Bracelet is like wearing a vision; an epiphany on your wrist -It is another link in a golden chain of beautiful, compassionate, authentic support. It's a victory lap en masse.

On my wall at home there hangs a giant poster of Lance Armstrong thundering to his second victory in the Tour De France. I have often looked to that picture and my live strong bracelet for inspiration and motivation.

What is it that makes Lance and livestrong bracelets so inspiring? On the flat open roads, he blends in like any other cyclist, but up high in the mountains, where it gets grueling and agonizing...that's where the yellow for courage, strength, incredible persistence and the livestrong attitude comes out, like Clark Kent, the everyman running into a phone booth and emerging as superman.

Wearing the yellow Live Strong bracelet symbolizes Lance Armstrong and all the qualities that make human beings great!

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