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The LiveStrong Bracelet, Reflects the Strength and Determination Lance Armstrong is Famous for


Live Strong Braclet 

The Live Strong bracelet promotes a winning attitude; it’s as tough and fearless as Lance!


 LiveStrong Bracelet

The LiveStrong bracelet, It’s All About Attitude!

Lance Armstrong is hurtling across the finish line as crowds cheer.  He's a winner, a hero, who has accomplished feats that few of us will ever get close to. The message on the LiveStrong bracelet is an inspirational logo that really works! It’s powerful and reflects Lance's winning attitude..

Armstrong had cancer that should have been incurable, but he recovered and went on to win the Tour De France six times in a row! If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.

The Live Strong concept is highly visible because of the yellow livestrong bracelets that everyone is wearing. Yes, it supports beating and surviving cancer, but again, it’s about that very unique “Two Piston Engine that Could”, named Lance Armstrong.  He lights up the meaning of those yellow bracelets with his success.

Lance Armstrong is all of us, who strive, who are determined and don’t give up. LiveStrong? Who doesn’t want to Live Strong? Raise your hand if you want to “Live Weak!” Yeah, right!

Everyone is watching reality television shows like “Survivor” these days, but Live Strong is the ultimate “reality show”–– it’s the best one in town. It’s about bona fide survivors, like Armstrong which leads to its appeal and massive success. Sales of the LiveStrong bracelet helps to support authentic survivor stories.

It’s us; you and me, at our very finest, and the closest thing to a real “super hero” that any of us will ever get to see or hear about. Wearing the yellow Lance Armstrong Live Strong bracelet on your wrist, means that you believe that the glass is half full not half empty. It’s a symbol of the human spirit overcoming the shadow of cancer; it’s all about attitude.

The LiveStrong bracelet was created by Lance Armstrong’s foundation, which is an organization that provides people with the knowledge and power that’s been missing from the public arena for years.

The Lance Armstrong bracelet is a giant yellow flag, planted in a field with the words Live Strong emblazoned upon it. People from all walks of life, young and old, are coming to salute it.

The Live Strong Foundation says in its manifesto: “Take No Prisoners”. This is the kind of attitude that makes Lance's organization the impeccable, admirable institution that it is.

I encourage everyone who reads this to order yellow Lance Armstrong LiveStrong bracelets, slap one on your wrist and join the proud. Wearing one says that you are a person who Lives Strong, not weak, and if you are not a cancer survivor, you share the winning spirit!

I’ve always loved stories of survivors, of the underdog, of the improbable comeback; live strong and the livestrong bracelet is that story.

On the Live Strong Foundation website you will be regaled with the stories of countless survivors who chose to wear LiveStrong braclets and to live with Lance’s courage. It will inspire you, it may cause you to feel gratitude for the life that is now yours, the good health you enjoy, and you will get a sense of the impossible becoming possible. Would you buy that for a dollar!

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