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American Diabetes Association Diet
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Diabetic Diet, Symptoms
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Diabetes Diet  


Best Alternative Medical Practitioners:
Nationally Known Specialists

Jonathan Wright MD
Jonathan Wright MD has been a practitioner of alternative medicine for over 30 years and he has written many books on the subject.  He effectively covers many medical conditions on his site with up-to-date information.  Here's an article on controlling diabetes using a new herbal supplement.  Another interesting article on controlling diabetes naturally with cinnamon.

Dr. Julian Whitaker MD
He is the former director of the Pritikin Institute and has been practicing alternative medicine for many years.  He publishes a newsletter called "Health and Healing".

Andrew Weil, MD
He is a graduate of Harvard medical school and has been an alternative practitioner ever since.

Ray Sahelian, MD
Dr. Sahelian is an expert on alternative therapies for many medical conditions.  He maintains and writes the info on his web site himself (rare in the world of doctors).
Here's some info about diabetes


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