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Research on Diabetes

Aloe Vera for a diabetes cure?  A new 5 year study done in India on 5,000 patients found that patients who took aloe had a significant reduction in fasting blood sugar levels.

Not only was blood sugar reduced, but angina attacks were significantly decreased, the patient's triglycerides and total cholesterol levels fell and HDL (good cholesterol) levels increased.  There were no side effects noted from the aloe vera supplements.

Another study on 40 patients found that in those using aloe vera, blood sugar levels dropped from an average of 250 to 142 after just a month and a 1/2.  On the other hand, a placebo group had a blood sugar increase from 251 to 257.

The recommended dose is 1,200 mg. of mucopolysaccharides or MPS which are a key ingredient of aloe products that have been standardized.  Be sure to purchase aloe vera products that are for human consumption rather than for external use.

Are your everyday foods making you eat more and more?

People who were given different foods in a study found that some foods satisfy hunger much better than others.  Even when the foods contain the same number of calories, some of them can be much more or less filling than others.  Plus, a lot of the filling foods were especially healthy. 

Here are a few of the best, most filling foods:  Oranges, oatmeal, apples and potatoes.  If you are diabetic, you may be trying to control your weight, these high carbohydrate, high fiber foods may help to control your appetite (except potatoes, which are high glycemic).

On the other hand, the study participants who ate high fat, high carb foods such as doughnuts, croissants, chocolate and peanuts often felt food cravings shortly after eating. Low glycemic index foods tend to be the most filling foods of all.

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