The Rubber Bracelet is a Remarkable Moneymaker for Non-Profits


  Silicone Rubber Bracelets 

The rubber bracelet comes in rainbow colors and can help your favorite charitable group raise money!


 Support Your Favorite Non-Profit with Rubber Bracelets

By Renee O'Donnell

They come in rainbow colors and they are fund-raising machines! In fact, the rubber bracelet is changing the way we raise funds for local charities––and beyond.

If your organization is looking for an easy way to raise money for a worthy cause, the silicone rubber bracelet is a great way to go. You can buy them for as little as 50 cents each and then sell them for as much as $5 each. People are willing to pay even more if they know the profits go to charity.

The first step in designing your custom rubber bracelet involves choosing a color. As you know, the most famous color for these bracelets is the yellow bracelet, created by Lance Armstrong.

Next are the pink bracelets, which have been very successful in raising funds for breast cancer awareness. There are multi-color rubber bracelets, camouflage colored ones to support our troops - not to mention bracelets in  blue and white for tsunami relief.

Manufacturers will work with you to create the right rubber bracelet in the perfect color for your organization, but you will probably want to carve out your own niche separate from the Lance Armstrong yellow and pink breast cancer bracelets.

Once you’ve chosen a color for your rubber bracelet, you’ll be faced with the very important task of dreaming up the right quote to put on your custom silicone bracelets. This all important inspirational quote should be brief if you are having your custom rubber braclets die cut. Also, brevity is the soul of powerful communication!

Remember “Think different”, “Just do it”, “Just say no” or “Got milk”? We can’t forget these powerful ad campaigns because of the punchy impact of those phrases. A few examples of quotes found on rubber bracelets, include Faith Hope Love, Believe and Find the Cure. And of course, the Lance Armstrong ones say Live Strong.

Most rubber braclet manufacturers can only take 16 characters for your message. That’s just 6 characters more than LiveStrong! A few companies can put as many as 40 characters on the outside of the bracelet.  Some companies will let you put additional words on the reverse side of your custom rubber bracelets, but it usually costs more.

Here is part 2 of this article with information on how to order your silicone rubber bracelet, promote it for fund-raising and get free publicity to make your effort a success.

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