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The Diabetes-Guide site focuses on symptoms of diabetes as well as ways of preventing and treating diabetes symptoms, cancer particularly breast cancer and other diseases.
Diabetes Symptoms
At times, the early symptoms of diabetes can be so mild that you might not even notice them.
Glucose Meter - How to use it to create your own low glycemic index diabetes diet.
Diabetes Risk -
Things that put you at risk for diabetes
Weight Loss and Diabetes - Losing weight helps control symptoms of diabetes.
Information on Diabetes -
Here is some additional information on diabetes, including U.S. statistics concerning diabetes type 2.
Cinnamon and Diabetes -spice up your life with this healthy secret for helping control blood sugar
Diabetic Recipes - any recipe can become a diabetic recipe.
Diabetes Research - here is some new research on things relating to diabetes
Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar - Do you have these potentially dangerous symptoms?

New Articles - cancer and more

Preventing Diabetes 8 tips for the prevention of diabetes
Breast Cancer Bracelets, Wrist Bands- articles and resources on breast cancer, bracelets and wrist bands.
Breast Cancer Awareness II - Here's what you can do today to avoid breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Awareness
- Toxins in our environment and diet may be making us sick!
Breast Cancer WristBands save lives!
Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets - Buy a breast cancer bracelet and support breast cancer research
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets - More on breast cancer and donating to research.
Lance Armstrong's Inspiring Example - Several articles on Lance Armstrong and his remarkable message.

Livestrong Bracelets
The message on the LiveStrong bracelet is an inspirational logo that really works!
Live Strong Bracelets - Support Lance Armstrong's great cancer research and personal support for people with cancer
Lance Armstrong Bracelets - Lance is a miracle worker for those who have cancer
Silicone Bracelets - these popular bracelets make great tools for raising money for charity!
Rubber Bracelets - A rubber bracelet can help your favorite non-profit raise money.

Diabetic Lifestyle

Gifts for Diabetics
Ideas for Diabetic Gift Baskets with low glycemic goodies and non-food suggestions.
Diabetes and Exercise Tips- A diabetes exercise program.
Diabetes Cure - It is possible at most stages of diabetes to control your blood sugar without medication. There are 6 steps to controlling or curing diabetes.
Breaking Bad Habits
Here are 5 easy tips to help you change your habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Treatments and Diet

Diabetes Medication - Overview of medications used in treating diabetes.
American Diabetes Association Diet - from the American Diabetes Association
Glycemic Index - Explained
Glycemic Index List -
Use the glycemic index food list to help lower your blood sugar levels to help control your diabetes or prevent it.
Sugar Substitutes -
You can still have sweet foods and control your diabetic symptoms
Xylitol -
Another excellent sugar substitute
Stevia -
A great natural sugar substitute
Diabetes and Vitamins
Weight Loss and Diabetes - Here are 19 tips to help the diabetic lose weight quickly and permanently.
Benefit of Drinking Water - Several reasons to drink lots of quality water every day.
Vegetarian Chili Recipe - A special recipe with a secret ingredient

Diabetes Information

Diabetes Research - New research on diabetes treatments and more
American Diabetes Association -
Of the several national nonprofit health groups focusing on serving the needs of diabetics, the American Diabetic Association is considered the leading organization.
Diabetes Risk -
Things that put you at risk for diabetes


Alternative Medical Practitioners
Here is a list of the top alternative medical practitioners in the U.S. plus others.
The information provided on this website is intended to provide helpful and accurate health information.
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