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Weight Loss and Diabetes -
Proven Tips

Did you know that recent scientific research shows that some weight loss techniques work much better than others? Each of the three tips that follow on weight loss for diabetes has been proven in studies to really work. That means each and every one of these weight loss tips is a real winner. If you try all of these ideas, you almost canít help losing....weight that is!

1) Eat more fiber for weight loss and diabetes Ė Several newer studies have shown that taking fiber supplements before meals helps dieters with weight loss. Study participants tended to eat less and lose much more weight with the fiber supplements. The fibers that were used in these studies included glucomannan and psyllium. The dieters took two or three glucomannan capsules Ĺ hour before each meal. With psyllium, stir about a tablespoon into a large glass of water.  Another benefit of this high fiber approach is that adding extra fiber to your diet can help to control blood glucose levels.

Donít start with the full amount of fiber at first, try just a little and then build up because, if your system is not used to it, fiber can cause gas and stomach upset. You can take digestive enzymes that you find at the health food store to prevent this. Some high fiber foods (which can also help you lose weight) are beans, whole grains, oat bran, rice bran, and most vegetables. Consult with your physician before undertaking this diet idea.

2) Keep a food journal Ė Many people who need to lose weight eat because of emotional stress. If this is true for you, keeping a written journal that includes the type and amount of food eaten at each meal plus notes on how you feel both emotionally and physically can work wonders. Writing down your emotional state, helps to release pent up feelings, taking away the urge to overeat. 

In addition, you can figure out which foods you eat cause cravings and which foods reduce cravings.  This is very useful to know if you really want to lose and keep the weight off.

In a recent scientific study, those participants who kept a food journal experienced significant weight loss over those who did not use a journal. The journalers were more likely to keep the weight off as well!

Just remember to keep the journal small and portable so you can take it with you. Journaling makes you much more aware of your actions and helps you to be conscious about what youíre doing. In the studies, the control group of people who did not use a weight loss journal lost little or no weight.

3) Exercise and weight loss for diabetes Ė Everyone is talking about exercise for health and for diabetes - You hear it on TV, radio, in magazines, itís everywhere! Why is this? Itís because it really works and has been proven in scientific studies performed over many years. Did you know that exercise actually improves insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar?  Doctors even say that just losing weight can cure your diabetes symptoms completely!

The easiest and perhaps the best exercise you can start today is walking. If you want to track your mileage, you can get a pedometer and count the number of steps you take every day. If you take at least 10,000 steps every day you wonít be able to keep the weight on, youíll just have to lose it! Plus, your blood sugar levels will begin to normalize. When you change your blood chemistry, it gets even easier to lose extra pounds quickly.

If you can keep your exercise habit, youíll get another benefit from weight loss for diabetes, a slim new silhouette and possibly normalized blood sugar levels. Always remember before you start a new exercise program to discuss your program with your doctor.
Updated 9-15-14

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